How do you know so much about tape?

How do you know so much about tape?

Experience. Lots of it. If a special construction for a special project is needed we have probably seen it in our 55 years of business. Dr. Tape has been at it for 38 of those years and his partner Geoff for almost 30. That is why we say we are The Specialists in Specialty Tapes™.

Ask Dr. Tape

We realize that this website can’t answer all of your questions. That’s why TAPE-RITE is the home of DR. TAPE, the world’s leading expert on tapes and their applications. He lives to solve your tape problems.

Dr. Tape and his staff of experts will help gladly answer your questions AT NO CHARGE. If you need a product that we don’t sell (a very remote possibility) he will tell you where to get it.

So come on, let us solve your sticky problems. What are you waiting for? Even the call is free.

Dr Tape