Video: Why Double Coated Foam Tape?

Double coated foam tape provides super adhesion to a wide range of surfaces, fills in any imperfections in the surface, prevents air and water infiltration, give a clean finished look to signs and displays, and are available in...

Slideshow: Cloth Duct Tapes By Tape-Rite, Inc.

Do you require high quality, flexible, conformable, abrasion and water resistant cloth duct tape, which can be used in waterproof case sealing, duct and insulation sealing and color coding? Contact Tape-Rite Co. Inc. We sell various kinds of

Video: Looking for Double Coated Tapes?

Tape-Rite offers wide collection of double-coated tapes including double-coated paper tape, double-coated plastic tape, double-coated cloth tape, double-coated metal foil tape, double-coated foam tape and double-coated polyester tape.