Andy Machover

Andy Machover is the secret identity of the Dr. TapeTM, the world’s leading tape expert. When not solving your sticky problems Andy is a USGA tournament official and a very mediocre golfer. Andy recently played in the 2011 World Series of Poker. He didn't win but he had a great time.You can follow him on Twitter @DoctorTape.

AnnMarie Sgueglia

AnnMarie Sgueglia is our very competent Comptroller. She runs a tight ship and doesn’t deal with BS particularly well. If you want your stuff shipped out on time don’t mess with her. In her spare time she enjoys watching Food Network and drag racing (though not at the same time).

Gabe Cusmai

Gabe Cusmai is our Logistics Manager. He is in charge of creating most paperwork for critical shipments as well as customer contact. If there is a mistake we always blame him (it’s just easier that way). Gabe enjoys travel, catching rays and eating far more than he should.

Geoff Machover

Geoff Machover is our Aerospace applications expert. He enjoys golf, travel and MMA (watching, not participating).

Felicia Machover

Felicia Machover is the 3rd generation of Machover to work at TAPE-RITE. She is starting out in customer service but she is also handling the Stationery/Supply Side business as well.

Felicia recently graduated from Penn State with a degree in Meteorology so she will be giving the weather reports on occasion.

Felicia doesn't know that I am using this picture of her. If she finds out she will KILL ME and that will be the end of Dr. TapeTM. So when you call please don't say how cute she looks. She does look cute though, doesn't she?

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Occasionally our good friend Arnold Schwarzenegger stops by to help out and just say Hi. Arnold's had some tough times recently and he likes our laid-back atmosphere here at TAPE-RITE.

The next time you call ask if he's around. Sometimes we send him out for coffee but don't worry, he'll be back!!

Eliud Feliciano

Eliud Feliciano is in charge of rewinding most of our master rolls to customer specification. He is also heavily involved with our World Cup dominoes team.

Jose Estrella

One of our senior technicians, Jose Estrella is in charge of small roll and kit production. If you buy small rolls from us he makes them. He has been with TAPE-RITE for 34 years and is a real party animal.

Kennedy Aquino

Warehouse Supervisor Kennedy Aquino runs a tight ship. He is in charge of inventory management as well as shipment preparation. He is our current dominoes champion as well.

Omar Aquino

Omar Aquino is in charge of all slitting of electrical insulation tapes as well as very narrow width double-coated materials. He spends his spare time pumping up and pimping his ride.

Raul Gracia

Raul Gracia, Jr is our Shipping Manager. When we ask you how it should be shipped, he gets to deal with it. Outside of work Raul likes to go to Coney Island. He is a big Yankees fan as well.

Tony Martinez

Tony Martinez retired after 46 years but he still stops by to say Hi and lend his expertise when it's needed. He will always be welcome here.

Victor Gonzalez

Victor Gonzalez has been with us for 36 years. He is currently our Senior Die-Cutting Technician, in charge of most die-cut production. Before joining TAPE-RITE Victor was a spy for the Austrian government. He can be seen in this picture playing our antique Asteroids arcade game as he tunes up for the Asteroids World Championship.