Powder Coating Tapes

Powder Coating is a popular way to finish a wide range of surfaces, from wood and plastics to metals. The process requires special tapes for masking and joining. Most of these tapes can be die cut to meet your production requirements. Click here for more information on die cutting.


Masking Tapes                                             Double Coated Tape
for Powder Coating


Masking-Tape-Flatback-Masking-Tape-and-Paper-TapesHi-Temp Masking Tape                6411 SilverTape™


Polyester (Mylar®)Masking
Tape (Green or Blue)

Polyimide (Kapton®)
Masking Tape


Fiberglass Cloth
Masking Tape


Self-Fusing Silicone
Rubber Tape



These tapes can be die cut to whatever shape you need to make your powder painting faster and easier.
We have many stock shapes or we can custom make to your specifications.