Strapping Tape

Strapping Tape

Very strong (I mean really very strong) tapes for palletizing or bundling. Some have filaments, others do not. They are available with special non-staining adhesive for use on appliances and furniture.

  • Filament Strapping Tape

    Filament Strapping Tape (8)

    These are very strong tapes designed for reinforcing heavy boxes, strapping pallets together, bundling heavy objects (like lumber or pipes) or any other application that requires a very strong tape with an aggressive adhesive. They get their strength from fiberglass or nylon filaments. Generally they run the length of the tape but bi-directional tape is available. The filaments in bi-directional tape run lengthwise and widthwise. This makes it ultra-strong for the heaviest loads. Bi-directional filament tape is also used for the construction of Hexayurts (scroll down for more information on Hexayurts). They come in a wide range of different grades for any requirement.
  • Tensilized Polypro Tapes

    Tensilized Polypro Tapes (6)

    These tapes are made from a special type of polypropylene that doesn't have filaments but is still very strong. The adhesive on some types is designed to stick to boxes but remove without causing too much damage. This makes them ideal for bundling pallets of material that need to look good after they are unwrapped. Special no-residue material is available for use on appliances and other equipment that needs tape for shipping but must remove cleanly upon delivery.