N-223 Double-Coated Foam Tape

Product Description

A cross linked polyethylene foam coated with a permanent, high performance acrylic adhesive on both sides. Available in black as 223B and in white as 223W.

Used to bond paper, plastics and metals in a wide range of applications including signs and displays, consumer goods, automotive accessories, etc.

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Tape thickness 0.125” + or – 10%
Liner thickness (Bleached kraft paper) 0.005”
Standard color White (Item# 223W) or Black (Item# 223B)
Peel adhesion to polyester PSTC#3 Product destruction prior to peel
Shear strength PSTC#7 500 g/in² for 7 days/side, no creep
Installation temperature range 50° F to 100° F
Adhesive Acrylic
Storage 1 year @ 72° F, 50% humidity


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