2lb Urethane Single-Coated Foam Tape


Product Description

A 2lb density open cell urethane foam with a high performance rubber based adhesive system.

Used as a lightweight gasket this foam works to prevent dust and light penetration. Not Suitable For Liquids. Also used to dampen noise and vibration. Easily die-cut to shape. Available in gray or white. The White Foam Quickly Turns Yellow. There is nothing you can do about it.

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Tape thickness From 0.031” to several inches thick
Density 2lb/ft³ + or – 10%
Standard colors White or gray
Peel adhesion to polyester PSTC#3 Product destruction prior to peel
Deflection force 35 – 45 psi
Compression set 10%
Tensile strength 18 psi
Tear strength 1.5lb/inch of width
Elongation at breaking 100%
Air permeability 1cfm
Flammability (UL94) HF-1
R value 4
K factor 0.25
Installation temperature range 50°F to 100°F
Adhesive Synthetic rubber
Storage 1 year @ 72° F, 50% humidity


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