326 Sensing Tape

Product Description

0.001” polyester laminated to 0.00035” aluminum foil. An acrylic adhesive is applied to the exposed polyester. Used for end of reel sensing in the audio/video, movie and printer ribbon industries. Can also be used as a high temperature harness wrap on car and truck engines. Available on a liner as a special order. Minimums apply.

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Total thickness ASTM-D-3652 0.0018” +/- 10%
Peel strength ASTM-D 1000 24 oz/inch of width, min
Breaking strength ASTM-D-1000 25 lbs/inch of width, min
Elongation at break ASTM-D-1000 75% min
Surface resistivity MIL-STD-202, Method 303 20 milliohms/sq in, max
Color Silver
Shelf life 1 year when stored @ 70 degrees F and 50% R.H


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