345 Aluminum Foil Tape, Self-Wound (No Liner)

Product Description

Used for paint stripping and masking on aircraft, it protects canopies and windows from hazing or crazing. It has exceptional resistance to solvents and jet fuel. It can also be used as a moisture barrier. Comes self-wound only (no liner). Meets FAR25.853(a) and L-T80B. May meet SAE-AMS-T-23397

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Backing thickness ASTM-D 3652 0.003 in
Overall thickness ASTM-D 3652 0.005 in
Standard color Silvery Metallic
Peel adhesion ASTM-D 1000 55 oz/in
Tensile strength ASTM-D 1000 26 lb/in of width
Elongation at Breaking ASTM-D 1000 8 %
Continuous Temperature Range (Weeks, Months) -40 to 250° F
Intermittent High Temperature (Hours, Days) 300° F
Adhesive Acrylic
Storage 1 year @ 70° F, 50% humidity


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