398FR & 398FRP Flame Retardant Fiberglass Cloth Tape


Product Description

Glass cloth cargo pit tape for use in aircraft cargo holds. It resists abrasion, high temperatures and flame penetration. It is very conformable and accommodates turns and angles. The antimony-free acrylic adhesive is high adhesion for a permanent seal. Meets FAR 25.853(a) and FAR 25.855(d). The specs are printed on the tape. 398FR and 398FRP is printed.

“Meets BMS S-146 & FAR 25.853”
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Backing thickness 0.005”
Overall thickness 0.007”
Standard color Natural (White)
Liner options Blue LDPE solid
Peel adhesion 38 oz/in
Tensile strength 130 lb/in
Elongation at breaking 7%
Temperature resistance -20°F to 290°F
Class of insulation H
Adhesive Antimony-free acrylic
Storage 6 months @ 70 °F, 50% humidity
Others Meets BMS S-146 & FAR 25.853


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