45 Friction Tape

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High quality cotton cloth impregnated with a pure rubber adhesive. Extremely flexible, conformable and abrasion resistant. The tape will not curl or twist during application and it can be torn by hand. Resists water damage and it will not fray or unravel.


Used to overwrap low voltage splices, make wiring harnesses and create gripping surfaces.

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Overall thickness ASTM-D 1000 0.015"
Standard color Black
Peel adhesion ASTM-D 3330 14 lbs/inch
Tensile strength ASTM-D 3759 42 lbs in/width
Elongation at breaking 8%
Adhesive Natural rubber
Dielectric strength 1000 volts
Insulation Class 80°C
Storage 1 year @ 72°F (22°C), 50% humidity


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