5227X Double-Coated Exhibition Grade Cloth Carpet Tape

Product Description

Designed for the temporary hold-down of carpets for exhibitions, plays, trade shows, etc. Cotton cloth coated on both sides with a high shear, moderate tack natural rubber adhesive that will not leave residue. Blue poly liner allows for quick removal without tearing.

Can also be used for temporary positioning of parts during machining operations.

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Tape thickness 0.011”
Liner thickness (60# standard) 0.003”
Standard color White with blue liner
Peel adhesion to aluminum PSTC#3 47 oz/in width per side
Tensile strength PSTC#7 24 lbs/in width
Elongation at breaking 6%
Operational temperature range -10° F to 158° F
Adhesive Natural rubber
Storage 1 year @ 72° F, 50% humidity


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