550 Double-Coated Polyester Tape with Differential Adhesive System

Double-Coated Polyester Tapes

Product Description

Clear polyester substrate with a permanent adhesive on one side and a removable adhesive on the other. The ratio of adhesion levels is 8:1. The removable (liner) side will remove cleanly from many surfaces. The permanent (unwind) side will form a permanent bond with most surfaces on contact. Excellent temperature range and good adhesion to a wide range of surfaces make this an ideal tape for many jobs.

Applications include: reclosable bags, pouches and envelopes. Its adhesive allows them to opened and resealed numerous times. It can also be used in temporary laminating situations where a temporary bond is needed and the surfaces will be separated later. Tape is most easily removed from non-porous surfaces such as metal or plastic however it can be used on non-wovens and cardstock. Testing should be done prior to usage.

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The use of heat and pressure will help increase the initial bond of the product. Adhesion may build by 50% during the first 24 hours depending on surfaces, heat and pressure, etc.


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