8300 Polyurethane Aircraft Protective Tape


Product Description

Extremely tough and conformable transparent outdoor polyurethane film with a very aggressive acrylic adhesive. This tape provides excellent protection from abrasion, ultraviolet light and rain erosion.Perfect for leading edge protection on wings, stabilizers, struts and landing gear.Can be used on any metal, plastic or composite that needs protection. Non-yellowing allows for inspection of protected surface.

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Backing thickness (PSTC-33) 0.012” (0.305mm)
Overall thickness (ASTM-D 1000) 0.0145” (0.37mm)
Standard color Clear
Peel adhesion (ASTM-D 3330) 113 oz/in (126.12 g/mm)
Tensile strength (ASTM-D 3759) 100 lb/in (1.79 kg/mm)
Elongation at breaking 520 %
Adhesive Acrylic
Storage 1 year @ 22 °C, 50% humidity


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