881-L Copper Foil Tape

Product Description

A 0.0014” (1 oz) copper foil coated with an acrylic adhesive. Can be soldered for circuit repair or for use in stained glass window assembly. Can be used to make light duty electrical circuits. Will accept staining agents for decorative effects.

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Total thickness MIL-T- 47012 0.0035” +/- 0.0005”
Peel strength MIL-T- 47012 35 oz/inch of width, min
Breaking strength MIL-T- 47012 25 lbs/inch of width, min
Elongation at break ASTM-D-1000 4% min
Temperature resistance MIL-T- 47012 310 ºF
Color Copper
Shelf life 1 year when stored @ 70 ºF and 50% R.H.


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