892-L Conductive Aluminum Foil Tape

Product Description

A 0.0018” aluminum foil coated with a conductive acrylic adhesive. This allows conductivity along as well as through the tape and adhesive. Used as EMI and RFI shielding on microwave and electronic components, cabinets, cables, etc. Can be used as a static drain.
Meets UL 510 Flame Test Specification

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Total thickness ASTM-D-3652 0.0036” +/- 0.0005”
Peel strength PSTC-1 35 oz/inch of width, min
Breaking strength ASTM-D-1000 15 lbs/inch of width, min
Elongation at break ASTM-D-1000 5% min
Resistivity through adhesive
MIL-STD-202, Method 303
40 milliohms/sq in, max
Color Silver
Shelf life 1 year when stored @ 70 degrees F and 50% R.H.


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