Tesa 4541 Tractable Uncoated Cloth Tape


Product Description


tesa 4541 is based on a highly tear-resistant rayon fabric and a high grade natural rubber adhesive. tesa 4541 is characterized by a high pliancy and an extremely high tack The product profile guarantees an impeccable seal on uneven, rugged and fibrous surfaces. It allows subsequent inscription, thus ideal for marking. tesa 4541 is available in 5 colors.


Due to its product features tesa 4541 is generally accepted :

  • For manual and machine driven closure of heavy cartons, buckets and tins
  • For sealing and film containers, junction boxes and gap closures
  • For bundling of bars, rods and cables
  • For reinforcement and security of edges
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Overall thickness 0.29 mm
11.5 mil
Tensile strength < 43 lb/in < 190 N/25 mm[/td2] [td1] Adhesive [/td1] [td2]Natural Rubber [/td2] [td1] Adhesive/ Steel [/td1] [td2] 33 oz/in 9 N 25 mm[/td2] [td1] Elongation at Breaking[/td1] [td2] 16%[/td2] [td1]Backing [/td1] [td2] Cloth, Uncoated[/td2] [td1] Standard Color [/td1] [td2] Black


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