General Purpose Double-Coated Tapes

General Purpose Double-Coated Tapes -- These tapes provide permanent bonds on smooth, lightweight materials including uncoated papers, clay-coat papers, thin plastics and some foams. They can be made from polyester, paper or tissue.

Economical and easy to use, they are perfect for envelopes, signs, bags and much more.

High Performance Double-Coated Tapes

High Performance Double-Coated Tapes(Including 3M VHB Tapes) -- These tapes offer superior strength that matches or exceeds mechanical fasteners and structural adhesives. They are the perfect solution for permanently bonding most metals or plastics. They offer excellent environmental stability and solvent resistance. These include VHB tapes from 3M and UHA from Avery-Dennison.

Use them on exterior signs, metal trim, light truck bodies or wherever extra strength is needed.

Hi-Lo Tapes

Hi-Lo Tapes -- Double-coated tapes with a permanent adhesive on one side (Hi side) and a removable adhesive on the other (lo side). These tapes have excellent performance under a wide range of temperature and humidity conditions. The permanent sides work with most surfaces and the removable sides come off cleanly.

Use them to make re-closable bags, temporary signs and displays, removable labels or to position materials during machining. Suitable for indirect food contact in food packaging

Double-Coated Foam Tapes

Double-Coated Foam Tapes -- Strong double-coated tapes with a soft foam core. They come in 1/32", 1/16", 1/8" and 1/4" thick. The thicker foam core is perfect for rough or irregular surfaces or for filling in gaps. They can be slit to almost any width or they can be pre-cut into pieces for easy use. Available in black or white

Perfect for signs, displays, auto body trim, toys and product assembly. Pre-cut pieces or small rolls can be used in kits.

Carpet, Flooring and Molding Tapes

Carpet, Flooring and Molding Tapes -- Designed for holding carpets, rugs and other sheet flooring in place on a temporary/semi-permanent basis. Perfect for store displays, trade shows, theatrical performances or movie/television sets. Available with non-residue removable adhesive for concrete exhibition hall floors.

#4623 Molding tape is designed for holding extruded vinyl base molding in place. A special high performance adhesive combined with scrim reinforcement results in a permanent bond.

Extended liner tapes

Extended liner tapes (Business forms tapes) -- These tapes have a backing that is wider than the adhesive. This creates an adhesive free dry edge that makes it easier to remove the backing.

They are available with paper or plastic backings. The plastic backing allows for clean side welding during plastic bag making. Rolls are available in permanent or permanent/removable styles. They are available in lengths for hand or machine application.

High Temperature Double-Coated Tapes

High Temperature Double-Coated Tapes -- Designed for operation at temperatures ranging up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit on a continuous basis these tapes allow for attachment to heat sinks, engine blocks, solar panels and much more. Use them wherever high temperature is present. Available with acrylic or silicone adhesives they can be made from polyester, fiberglass, poly-amide or aluminum.