SilverTapes™ from AFTC®

SilverTapes™ are the cost effective replacements for 3M® VHB Tapes. They offer superior performance, but are much less expensive than the 3M.

They are available in a wide range of formulations for any application. Products are available for Automotive, Appliances, Signs and Displays, and more.


Transparent Foams

Made from clear extruded urethane with crystal clear adhesive. These foams are the perfect choice for plexiglass and glass installations.


Direct foam

Solid extruded adhesive. When used on the right substrates with high surface energy, this is the strongest bond we are able to produce. It also has a very high temperature resistance.


General Purpose

Designed for a wide range of substrates. These foams offer a quick, reliable, and permanent way to assemble your products. They are available in white, black, and gray.


Low Temperature

These tapes are perfect for exterior applications in extreme temperature environments. They offer excellent adhesion at below freezing temperatures.


Low Surface Energy

Designed specifically for materials that have been powdercoated or that are made from a low surface energy plastic (polyethylene, polypropylene, ABS, and untreated styrene).



These tapes are designed to resist residual plasticizer found in certain extruded and molded PVC. It is especially good on sintra.



These tapes have extremely high temperature resistance that allows them to withstand the powdercoating process.



The ability to be removed means that the peel adhesion is relatively lower in comparison to our other products. However, these products ensure high shear and T Block Strength.


Structural Cladding

AFTC Structural Cladding Tape has the ability withstand wind, temperature extremes, sway and vibration - addressing both static and dynamic loads – thanks to its elastic properties, which allow it to absorb shock and deflection. Its elastic nature also gives it the ability to fill gaps and voids, not only promoting greater aesthetics and providing cleaner lines, but also preventing the ingress of dirt, cleaning chemicals and moisture.



Structural Glazing

This product is a double sided acrylic based adhesive tape, which is especially designed for the bonding of high and medium energy substrates. This tape is capable of absorbing the differing thermal expansions of the two different materials. This type maintains a high impact resistance even at temperatures below 0 ̊Celsius. This SG-series has a very high initial tack due to AFTC’s coating 40 and has a very good plasticizer resistance. Advantage of the excellent adaptability is that thin or textured surfaces can be bonded full surface and tension free.


Transfer Tapes

These ultra thin tapes are designed to adhere to various surfaces. The thin adhesive film allows a good adhesive performance on a variety of molded parts. These AFT Types have excellent UV, aging and solvent resistance. These series are in many situations virtually invisible and allow the usage of light weight, thin and small materials in many shapes and sizes.