Slideshow: Teflon™ Electrical Tape

Tape-Rite Co. Inc. (The Home of Dr. Tape (Tape-Rite online)) deals in Teflon™ electrical tape. The tapes are temperature, electrical and chemical resistance and pressure sensitive. There are a wide range of electrical tapes available, including 704-2 FEP Film Tape, DW 215-5 Teflon, DW 204-5 Teflon, DW 204-2 HD Teflon, DW 134-5 PTFE/Glass Cloth Tape and 6085-10 PTFE/Fiberglass Cloth Tape. View the slideshow to know more about the products. For any purchase or enquiry, call 800-532-2309 / 516-406-8294, or fax 516-328-0344. You can also email:

Teflon Electrical Tapes

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