Stuff We’ve Done

Over the years we've done some pretty neat stuff. Here are some of the best.
Clinique Ultra Clear Tape

As part of an international marketing program CLINIQUE (a division of ESTÉE LAUDER) needed ultra-clear tape with their name printed on the outside of the core so it could be seen through the tape.

TAPE-RITE sourced and converted the tape, printed the cores and inserted the tape into supplied dispensers. Over the life of this project more than 100,000 rolls were produced.

On Course Aviation, a leading supplier of training aids to the private aircraft industry, wanted a removable tape that could be printed with a ruler for use in measuring distances and plotting routes on air charts (maps). The tape had to stick effectively yet be easily removable without damage to the charts.

TAPE-RITE developed the tape in conjunction with one of our production partners. We then applied precision printing that is accurate to 0.001", converted the tape and inserted it into supplied dispensers.

While initially popular, the terrorist attacks of 9/11 reduced the number of private aircraft students and pretty much destroyed this market.

Rock it

Rock-It© clips are an innovative way to repair holes in drywall quickly and easily. TAPE-RITE takes the supplied raw plastic and perforates it, laminates double-coated tape to it, prints instructions on it and then chops it to length.

Currently supplied to major retailers on a national basis we have produced well over 1,000,000 units during the course of this project.


Very often we are asked to make tape from non-traditional materials. This is tape made from sterling silver. It was used in an antenna relay system by a military contractor.

In addition we have made tapes from polyester/silver laminate, gold plated Kapton and other offbeat materials. Custom product development of this nature is what we live for.

Created as a sewing aid for hand quilters, TIGER TAPE is a narrow width masking tape with a special non-staining adhesive that is printed with a variety of patterns.

TAPE-RITE developed the tape with one of our manufacturing partners. We then print the various patterns and convert it to a variety of finished sizes.


Designed for use by paramedics this tape has a triage form printed on it. It's manufacture required the refinement of printing techniques to produce a legible imprint on cloth medical grade tape. This is much more difficult than you can imagine.

Using these techniques we can now produce custom printed hockey tape as well as other printed cloth tapes.


Designed for use by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to help homeowners avoid lead contamination and poisoning during renovation of older homes. We combined painter's grade adhesive with a printed orange backing to create a removable reminder to test for lead before demolition.

Using these techniques we can now produce custom printed hockey tape as well as other printed cloth tapes.